Irish Summer

Due to Corona a lot of cultural events, concerts and exhibitions were cancelled or postponed. No difference with the first exhibition in cooperation with Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin. Three young, in Ireland living artist were supposed to come to Berlin and present their art for the first time in Germany. Unfortunately this will not happen this year any more. Luckily we have the internet and Cecilia Bullo, Amanda Doran and George Warren present a selection of works in an online exclusive show!

Cecilia Bullo

To the core of Cecilia Bullo’s practice there is an ongoing research on perceptions of ritualistic processes, such as relics and talismans and the psychological healing effects they may hold. The approach is both on the personal and the quotidian. She explores apotropaic objects such as amulets and their association with healing power or magical properties and their iconographic manifestation in history especially within a feminist political context. Her enquiry examines also the sacrificial role of women, their political body both in mythology and in the contemporary.

Amanda Doran

Amanda Doran’s recent work has been exploring her daily surroundings and encounters. Documenting everything from the habitual rituals, eccentricities and quirks of herself, her family, friends and pets. She seeks to find the humour in the mundane and accentuate these fleeting moments that may go unnoticed. Taking inspiration from the essential role that phone photography plays in our daily lives she turned to her own collection of phone photographs to really examine what she deems is important enough to capture. Through this exploration she was creating a type of self-portrait comparable to our social media profiles, a causal random selection of images from our day to day life. A digital allegory of an artist’s life retold in paint.

George Warren

In painting having a basic plan to follow helps surmount any initial hesitation. But this blueprint must be discarded early on and the painting must then be carried by its own momentum. Opportunities present themselves and decisions are made quickly. It is in this uncharted territory between the conscious plan and the opportunistic response that something new is born. In the gap between the structured origin and the introduced elements exists an unplanned result. This is the aspect George Warren most value. This new content emerges unexpectedly and becomes a building block for future work because it can never be recreated spontaneously again.